Aubrey Washington Reviews

5 Star Custom Loan Reviews

Aubrey and everyone ensured my satisfaction was met and loan processed in a timely manner.

Jonathan Bowlin

The best part of my experience was the simple process

.Gregory Culp and Paula Smith-Culp

Aubrey was very attentive to the loan and did everything she could to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. Her knowledge of the process was greatly appreciated!

Amelie Ballinger

Everything that could be done was done in a timely manner which was very important to us since we were on a deadline to close.

Elizabeth and Andrew Henry

First of all I went through a Quicken loan to start with, at my wits with them! When I first talked to Aubrey on the phone, she made me feel like there was hope to get back on track! Aubrey called me the next day, and my worries came to an end, from the Quicken loan nightmare! I have total loved my loan experience. I have to say Aubrey is really good at her job, she had all the answers to my question. She made my experience with my loan so nice, and easy to get done! Thank you to everyone who helped me to get my new home. Great Job!

Matthew Davis

Aubrey was very organized and always available to help make my first home buying experience as easy as possible. I had no issues along the way. I would recommend her to anyone.Hannah Bray They were very fast, efficient and on time

Rhonda Gardner

The best part of my experience was the communication and overall professionalism

Wallace and Tracy Wiley

Aubrey Washington was wonderful. She helped us through several changes in a very professional manner. Great job, Aubrey!

Gerald McGory

Aubrey Washington

Senior Mortgage Banker

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